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Northern California Martial Arts

                                                            Woodland and Davis. 530-400-5234


Tae Kwon Do ~ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ~ Submission Grappling                                      Kickboxing ~ Escrima/Arnis

At NCMA we incorporate the traditional aspects of the Martial Arts Discipline as it can apply to many applications.  We offer classes to all age groups from kids to seniors; many of our programs are ideal for anyone interested in learning Street Self Defense, Competition Fighting, Law Enforcement Personnel, Security Guards, Fire Fighters, Victims of Violence or Abuse, etc...  A student training at NCMA can expect a challenging physical fitness program in addition to learning the Art of choice.


Each instructor will guide you through the intricacies of the respective art in a safe, friendly and motivating environment.  At NCMA we empower students to become more self aware and confident in her/his abilities through a challenging Martial Arts experience. 


We welcome children, teens and adults to drop by to watch or participate in class, free of charge, for one week! Train with the many who have become part of our Martial Arts family already and lets enjoy the experiences together.  Call or drop by today! Train Well!